Religion: Bigotry is sinful, homosexuality is not.

Religion: Bigotry is sinful, homosexuality is not.

In June 2018, the conservative pundit, David French, senior editor at The Dispatch, wrongly opined that "It's not bigotry if you believe that homosexuality is a sin."

Wait. What? Are you kidding me?

I know what's right and wrong, and I can identify hate and bigotry from a mile away. 

Many of us have been called an anti-gay slur, often times a faggot or queer, and usually uttered by someone taught to hate or fear someone who's different. If that doesn't define bigotry, I don't know what does. 

The religious folks who believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBTQ+) are immoral and depraved sinners, were wrongly taught to fear both God and gay people. NO ONE should EVER be taught to fear Jesus Christ OR LGBTQ+ people. Christianity is LOVE and LGBTQ+ people personify love. 

Many Christians will say everything they know about gay people, they learned in the Bible. Did they ONLY learn about LGBTQ+ people? Therein lies the rub. They remember to hate and vilify the "gays" and completely forget to help the poor or disadvantaged and fail to feed the hungry or offer shelter to the homeless. But those Christians are FINE PEOPLE. NOT!

Scripture has a lot to say about women and people of color that's morally reprehensible, and as a society, we reject most of it. Why is it okay to use an ancient text to judge LGBTQ+ people, but not the straight male adulterer or rapist, as Scripture prescribes? 

Religious leaders and Sunday school teachers are perpetuating a lie by teaching that LGBTQ+ people are sinners. Kids are being taught to hate in Sunday schools and pulpits and church halls and pews across the country. LGBTQ+ people are demonized and cast away as sinners in the name of God when the teachings of Christ implores ALL people of faith to love each other. There are no exemptions. 

It's funny how the same people who throw stones at my community, ignore the golden rule and ultimate commandment. Christian faith-based hatred is toxic, especially when we know that it can have deadly consequences.

That's why I had to write to David French. He comes across as a nice smart guy on television, and he's not so nice in the way he's been denigrating the LGBTQ+ community for many years. He falsely claims he's not a bigot and I disagree. Homosexuality is NOT a sin. Not now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Never. 

Bigotry has ALWAYS been a sin. When will those irreligious Christians get it right? If God creates gay people and keeps creating gay people, how could our sexual orientation be a sin? Our sexuality is NOT sinful! 

When French wrote his opinion piece, it was PRIDE Month, and a fitness company executive had been fired for Tweeting that like LGBT people, LGBT Pride is a sin. 

I think my letter, my thesis, and my argument, are rock solid. What do you think?

Text imposed on a Christian church says using the Bible to justify bigotry is the greatest sin of all.

Text Of Roy Steele's Letter To David French Pointing Out His Bigotry 

Dear Mr. French:

Let’s cue the violins and manipulate public sentiment to engender sympathy for a corporate spokesman who is not as smart as you think. He falsely claimed that a community celebration for LGBT Pride was sinful, knowing that a large and disproportionate number of CrossFit’s customer base is LGBT. Declaring that LGBT Pride is a sin is beyond stupid, and this employee forced management’s hand. They had no choice but to fire this idiot - regardless of how one feels about homosexuality.

There are good people on both sides of the marriage equality debate who disagree about gay marriage. I don’t characterize all opponents of same-sex marriage as bigots unless they characterize the LGBT community as sinners destined for hell. People who oppose LGBT rights and cite Scripture to justify their position are irreligious and wholly motivated by bigotry.

When evangelical Christians and conservative extremists oppose anti-discrimination legislation, gay marriage, and any law that offers legal protection to a vulnerable minority that continues to experience discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, we have no choice but to characterize that opposition as bigotry. Again, bigotry fuels their animus.

Scripture says we are created by God in his image. Would God create people whose very existence was a sin? Nope. Do Christians who falsely claim homosexuality is a sin get it wrong? Yes. Why does God keep creating gay people? What motivates those who seek to marginalize and bully the LGBT community?

Homosexuality is NOT a sin, and those who believe it is a sin, have been brainwashed. Opponents of gay rights are no different than the racists and slave owners who opposed the abolition of slavery. Slave owners and racists cited their religious beliefs to justify bigotry too.

Religious folks keep using language that slanders and diminishes the humanity of gay people. Let’s examine the real-world consequences of making false and inflammatory statements about gay people in the name of God.

What happens when politicians and religious leaders dehumanize the LGBT community? There’s a huge increase in hate crimes directed at LGBT people. Record numbers of LGBT kids are bullied and take their own lives. Record numbers of LGBT youth are rejected by their religious parents and they’re homeless. Trans people are physically assaulted and murdered in record numbers. Record numbers of LGBT people turn to alcohol and drugs, while these “leaders” keep up their attacks. The false prophets who actively oppose gay rights have the blood of LGBT people on their hands.

I am gobsmacked, shocked, disappointed, and outraged, whenever anyone suggests that gay people are immoral or perverts, undeserving of gay civil rights. Every American is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, including members of the LGBT community.

Homosexuality is NOT a sin. Sexual orientation is immutable and beautiful and we should celebrate and embrace our differences, instead of using being different to scare and divide us. Sexual orientation and gender identity have nothing to do with sexual immorality, and you know that Mr. French. Don’t conflate the two.

You say that sexual orientation doesn’t define us, and I largely agree with you. The notion that our religious beliefs are more integral to our identity than sexual orientation is ludicrous. You can’t cite any facts or evidence to support your specious claim, and going way back in history to 1693 for evidence that people have been willing to burn at the stake for their religious beliefs is beyond laughable.

Christians largely reject the bigotry inherent in racism, slavery, and Scripture, despite the Bible’s unequivocal support and advocacy for slavery. Religious teaching rejects the Biblical view. When will they reject the clobber passages about homosexuality? When will they stop demonizing and marginalizing gay people and women, to reflect the majority view of society and our culture today?

There are powerful institutions, businesses, and individuals, who profit from the myths and junk science perpetrated in Scripture. Anti-gay hate groups are a big business, and the old white straight men who control the religious organizations and anti-gay hate groups, are compensated generously to continue their propaganda campaigns to subjugate women and sew the seeds of anti-gay hate.

If we continue the status quo, and they continue to conflate sexual orientation and gender identity with sexual immorality, their organizations will be imperiled. When they falsely claim that homosexuality is a sin, we will continue to see the record numbers of people fleeing organized religion. The #EmptyThePews movement will grow, and the role of religion in American life will be rightly diminished.

Homosexuality is not immoral or sinful, and to suggest otherwise is surely a sin. Christians need to go back to Sunday school to study the two greatest commandments. Christianity is based on love, and there’s no love and lots of bigotry in the statement “homosexuality is a sin.”

I would be happy to continue this conversation with you at any time.


Roy Steele

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