Homework Assignment: Improve Classical Music Poster

Homework Assignment: Improve Classical Music Poster

Graphic Design Assignment

I can't take credit for this concept, but I will take credit for improving the original graphic design of the poster. Any image is supposed to grab your attention, and a poster for an event should do that and be eye-catching. My assignment was to take the original and improve upon it.

When I first saw the space reference in the text, I immediately thought of composer Gustav Holst and his brilliant 7 movement symphony "The Planets, Op. 32" written in 1916. If you ever get a chance to hear it performed live, don't miss it.

I love colors and the more the merrier. The original was drab and dreary so I brought the poster to life.


I thought the original poster was somewhat anemic, while ANY gathering of musicians in concert is an eclectic, exciting, and electric event. The marketing material should reflect that.

It took me less than an hour to modify and improve the original. And then after finishing it up and posting it here, I kept staring at the first line of text. The "Want out-of-control-fun" line was bugging me - every time I looked at it. The spacing and line height were off and I didn't like the placement. So I went back and fixed it.

What are your thoughts? Does it work?

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