DUMB DUMB Donald Trump - The Greatest Con Artist on Earth

DUMB DUMB Donald Trump - The Greatest Con Artist on Earth

Donald Trump in clown makeup and multi-colored wig, and the text "Greatest Con Artist on Earth".
DUMB DUMB Donald Trump - the greatest con artist on earth.

I wrote about DUMB DUMB Donald Trump on January 11, 2016, three weeks before the first in the nation Iowa Caucus. The Republican field was still crowded, and none of us could foresee Trump's victory to win the nomination, let alone prevailing in the electoral college. It was written for Medium and was entitled THE GREAT CON JOB OF 2016.

He is aging and overweight. Intimates say he’s fastidious about his appearance. With manicured nails and a dyed and shellacked blonde mane, everyone recognizes him.

“Macy’s did a number on me and went down. That’s a good thing.”

Sununu was fired like a dog. Karl Rove is a stiff. Take away George Will’s little glasses and he’s a nothing.”

”My life is about success. I own the greatest assets in the world with very little debt.”

“I’m the most militaristic person in this room. We will build the biggest and strongest military in the world.”

“Everything I do is very successful.”

I tried to pay attention to the blowhard because so many credible media outlets say that this racist, sexist, hateful misogynist could be the Republican party’s nominee for president.

I was struck by the fact that at a campaign event he just rambles on and on about nothing - and just talks about himself. There was no substantive or serious discussion about ANY issue. Former Vice President Walter Mondale wants to know, where’s the beef?

It’s like he’s trying to convince us, as well as himself, that we should like him because he’s successful. If he’s not convinced, how can we be?

Trump makes inflammatory statements and takes positions that repulse us all, and his views are contrary to our current laws and Constitution. I know that you know that and he knows that.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this past weekend, he smirked and quickly whispered, “I play games to get what I want all the time in business.” He’s playing games with politics too. I know that you know that and he knows that.

There’s only one winner in the game, and if Trump wins we lose. I know that and you know that and he knows that too.

I’d like to feel like we’re all in on the game, and any minute now we’re gonna call his bluff. Will he or won’t he blink?

Then I remember it’s not a game.

It’s the great con job of 2016.

Donald Trump in clown makeup wearing a multi-colored wig and a red clown nose, in a scene from a circus, with the text "greatest con artist on earth".
DUMB DUMB Donald Trump is the greatest con artist on earth.

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