Election 2016: Donald Trump Versus Hillary Clinton

Election 2016: Donald Trump Versus Hillary Clinton


Did I ever mention that I love politics? That's why I wrote Battle of the Bottle Blondes, to begin with.

I remember the months following the November 2016 general election as dark and devastating. While we know now that DUMB DUMB Donald Trump eked out a victory over Secretary Hillary Clinton because he had outside help from Russia, we didn't know that at the time. 

A few months had passed when the brilliant  New York Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristoff asked for submissions to a poetry contest he was sponsoring, and the topic was the 2016 election. This is my submission (and sadly I did not win). I also submitted the graphic design you see above.   

Battle of the Bottle Blondes

By Roy Steele

They will not wed, this couple who, 

Professed ‘we’re friends,’ he’s red she’s blue,

They want your vote, and compete anew,

For Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rhetoric slogans election dread

Two bottle blondes go head to head

The misanthrope and bully said

Build that wall and vote for red!

Historic first long overdue

A senator first lady too

Served her country tried and true

Secure our future vote for blue!

Each pundit said it’s in the bag

Glass ceiling breaks rejoice and brag

Except the voters went so rad

Elected a grump our nation’s sad.

Roses are red and violets are blue,

Trump threatens democracy, can’t act responsibly,

If you’re a supporter, aider and abettor,

You’re a threat too.


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